3 Reasons to Fear Penny Stock

Having built a career, not to mention an enormous following, around the investment vehicle known lovingly as’penny stock,’ it may appear unusual for me to warn you to be afraid of these hopeful investments. Yet, warn you I’ll, because I’ve seen three major reasons why these sub-$5 shares could be too dangerous for you.

folks being involved with penny stock investments are purchasing the wrong corporations, for the incorrect reasons, and then using the incorrect trading methods with the shares.

too often people become involved with these shells of companies simply because they think the business objective is a good idea, or will end in massive cash if they are successful.
Usually, they don’t, Most times, financiers in these corporations lose.

Trading Penny Stock For the wrong Reasons:

the majority of penny stock backers are impatient or desperate, and are simply searching for a way to get rich quickly .
Look for those investments that pass Leeds analysis ( the standard research methodology for cheap shares ).
Finding firms like this is significantly time-intensive, but if you become any good at it, there’s no more profitable way to invest.

Once folk choose a penny stock that they need to buy ( or choose when they need to sell one ), they often use poor trading methods. for instance, most traders buy or sell all their stock at a previous time, rather than wobbling the trades. Selling part of your holdings over time and in 3 or four trades is sometimes better than just dumping the entire lot immediately. This is true for bigger stocks, and even more so with smaller ones, as their thin trading volume leaves stockholders subject to serious price volatility if they scoop up or dump a big block of shares all at once.

Other penny stock backers buy and sell with market orders, rather than limit orders. With a market order, you get whatever price the person on the other side of the trade has dictated.

If you get involved with the right penny stock firms, and you trade those shares for the right reasons, and with the right methods, you will be among a prime group. Particularly, you’ll be one of the few who make dramatic profits from good, fine quality inexpensive investments that can make you extraordinarily well off, while avoiding the downfalls that give the sub-$5 investment automobile a bad name.


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