How To Maximize Returns In Penny Stock Trading

How To Maximize Returns In Penny Stock Trading

Whether you are a small time or big time investor, your purpose in trading penny stocks is to earn a good return on your investment. Penny stock trading comes with the promise of great returns but these can only be achieved by the trader by applying the basic essential knowledge that produces profitability. I would like to present the following ways that you can use to maximize your profit and get the best out of your trading.

1. Focus on a few stocks

Pick a few stocks from thriving sectors that you will research and focus on like tech shares. This is one method that expert penny stocks traders implement effectively. Get to know the stock inside and out. Know all you can about the company behind the stock, and anything else that might affect the stock price. You can also focus on the highly promising emerging companies. Companies that are coming out with unique and compelling products and are rapidly growing their sales and profit

2. Increase your investment

Every trader should know this, but I believe it’s still worth mentioning. If there is positive expectation of the performance of a particular micro cap stock the wise trader will increase his holding to see increased profits. This method is recommended for experienced traders with high trading emotional discipline. Emotions tend to become less controllable the higher the risk per trade.

3. Enter trades in stages

Whenever possible rather than buying your share at once, buy in stages. For example a 00 purchase can be split into two purchases of 00 or even three. This often results getting a better overall price despite the added commission on the split purchase. It also works when exiting a trade. You can sell the first half when the stock has increased by 30%, wait and watch the market if there is a further rise in price you then sell your remaining holding at a higher profit.
4. Trade more often

Taking more trades mean greater returns. Increasing the frequency of trades is one of the ways of maximizing returns on your penny stock trading. The more frequently you trade within a given period, the more opportunities you have of making profit per time. However don’t trade more frequently than you can handle to avoid fatigue and burn out.

5. Keep looking for better trades

Look for better trade entry opportunities. Online trading gives you the opportunity of trading across time zones. Identify non-performing penny stocks quickly and dump them. Don’t get attached to any stock.

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