Secrets of Penny Stock Investing

Here’s the truth. It’s damn hard to make money with penny stocks. Damn hard. You will lose far more than you will ever win.

So if you approach this like a traditional investor, you just put some money in the “pennies”, and lose your shirt.

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You did it wrong. If you had done it right, you would at least be at break-even.

Here’s how to do it right. Take the money you want to invest in penny stocks and divide it into ten pieces.

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Nine of those ten pieces is to go into a safe investment like government bonds or the like. The idea is that 9/10ths of you money can make itself back if you lose the remaining 1/10th.

And if you strike it rich, good for you. You deserve it. You don’t need a lot of money in penny stocks to really get great returns if the stock does well. Think about it like this $200 can buy a lot of shares that are prices low. If the shares are at $0.10, you can buy 2000 shares. Even a little move, will make you good money because of the number of shares that you own.

And if you lose it all, then you can’t trade another penny stock until the 9/10ths is back in your possession from the safe investment.

That way, even if you’re the worst penny stock picker in the world, you’ll walk away with just as much money as you started with.

And that’s something 97% of penny stock investors cannot say.

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