A List of Penny Stocks: a Dream Come True?

I’m going to be sincere with you and tell you straightforward… there’s no such thing as a list of penny stocks waiting for you to discover it and become rich overnight! Well… at least not a free list of penny stocks.

But enough with the bad news, I’m not here to try to bring you down. I’ve been around for some time to know the power of penny stocks – been doing business with them for more than 20 years… And yes, life is good!

Day trading penny stocks is a tough business to be in, but once you master it your on the way to a life full of riches and commodities you could have only dream of.

But why is it that good of a business?

Well there’s a reason as to why they’re called penny stocks. Your investment is so low, that with the slightest increase in the stock value you’re already making tons and tons of money. I could say that penny stocks are some of the best stocks to buy. Don’t get me wrong though, if you have the means to buy the best stock pick around, then do so… I mean, the security of buying a Volkswagen stock compared to a penny stock is significant, even if the results show up in a longer time frame.

Anyways… getting back to the topic, even if you find free lists of penny stocks, I bet it isn’t that good of a list. There are pages on the internet that, for a fee, can let you in on their penny stock listing and let you use it. However – and this is where you need to pay most attention – if you are prepared to use a list of penny stocks you should research the background of the companies inside the list. Looking it up in Google or Wikipedia is the easiest way to get a hold on some info about the company and what they are doing. If you feel the company is going to be successful, then by all means you should buy a good share of stock from them.

I did my research back in the 90’s and boy, did it work out for me. Make it work for you as well.

William Foxx has dedicated a great part of his life into understanding how the stock market works and which are the best stocks to invest in. He believes that almost anyone with enough determination can make a lot of money by choosing the right penny stock picks.