Penny Stock Picks of the Week

October 26 2009 – October 30 2009 — Your little squirrel homie will be gathering shares this week! See full description for more info on these picks: EVRM WNYN DNNC — BUYING EVRM @ .04 or less “Evermedia Group, Inc. (Pink Sheets: EVRM) is a veteran-owned company based in New York, NY that develops biometric-based identification management and authentication solutions using proprietary, patent-protected iris recognition technology.” Biometrics is a science which creates statistical data based on biological squirrels… like fingerprints. It’s the future of identification, fo real! To translate their description: They make the technology that indentifies you humans buy taking a nutty picture of your eyeball! Straight 007 type of nuttiness. In a nutshell, they are a very young company in a very young industry. The early demand is coming from the government and large companies with security at their core. EVRM is a strong penny stock with an unprecidented level of transparency, that is run by some very notable gentlemen. There has already been a flurry of trading on this one already, but the nut has just begun to crack! Nothing will move this stock higher than financial reports, which should be out in the forrest by mid-late November! EVRM holds patents for a cutting-edge technology. They recently bought a nice chunk of STS generates its earnings on government contracts. Beyond that look out when new contracts are announced! More info on EVRM from the forest: – www

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