Applied DNA Sciences Inc – APDN

Is APDN good to go?

APDN is a biotech stock that has provided shareholders with double-digit gains almost everyday since March 2nd. The stock has pulled back since then and is now trading around $0.06, which looks like a perfect entry point.

APDN has had some big news over the last week, including record earnings announcements that are just starting to catch the attention of investors looking for bargain priced stocks with huge upsides.

Zacks Research Analysts just gave APDN a target price of $0.20 per share! That’s 233% higher than its currently trading!

This Company’s technology is unique and has many competitive advantages over its peers. They are gaining worldwide recognition in various industries, but especially in the forensic industry and textile industry.

APDN is a provider of DNA-based anti-counterfeiting technology and product authentication solutions. Their SigNature DNA Anti Counterfeiting Technology is the new way to fight crime!

About Applied DNA Sciences Inc.

APDN delivers counterfeit protection, brand authentication, combats product diversion, and offers its award-winning programs against cash-in-transit crimes, all using the proven forensic power of DNA.

Company Website:

APDN Breaking News:

Thursday 3/10

APDN received an initial order for its SigNature DNA anti-counterfeiting taggants to be embedded in musical instruments produced by an elite manufacturer.

Counterfeiting is problematic in the musical instruments industry with the escalating problem originating mainly in China.

Value of Authentication

The value of authentication is even more important today. Whether it is a fine work of art, or a pharmaceutical that you ingest, or the money you use to buy a book, authentication is essential to businesses because it:

* Build trust and credibility
* Protect reputation and intellectual property
* Assist in quality control and assurance
* Assist in compliance with applicable laws
* Promote legal enforceability of transactions
* Minimize losses by reducing illegal activity

Industry Facts:

Counterfeiting is one of the fastest growing financial crimes, threatening jobs and endangering public health and safety. The World Customs Organization estimated annual global trade in illegitimate goods at about $600 billion (2004), which is expected to double to $1.2 trillion by 2014, representing 5% to 7% of all worldwide trade. In this context, Applied DNA programs represent a powerful and invaluable law enforcement technology.

Counterfeiting is a Global Problem

Iraq has recently targeted tailors who make and sell counterfeit police and military uniforms, after attackers disguised as security forces carried out suicide bombings in Baghdad.

Recently in the UK, a bogus policeman in fake uniform crashed a meeting of top cops attended by Britain’s Home Secretary.

In one of the boldest recent incidents, gangsters in a convoy of seven phony police vehicles kidnapped a mayor from his home near Monterrey in northern Mexico, last August. The alleged assassins were municipal police wearing federal police uniforms.

APDN Products:

SigNature® DNA – uses the DNA from plants to mark and authenticate products in a unique manner that essentially cannot be copied. SigNature DNA markers provide definitive, forensic proof of authentication since DNA is well accepted by courts globally.

For example, you can apply it in:

* Cash Degradation Inks
* Security Inks (visible and invisible)
* Conventional Inks and Ribbons
* Compatible with flexography, offset printing, roto gravure.
* Textile treatments and binding agents
* Adhesives, varnishes, and many more.

BiMaterial GenoTyping(TM) – uses the genomic DNA present in natural materials to authenticate originality and enhance confidence in content and quality of products by all stakeholders in the logistic and supply chains.

BioMaterial GenoTyping(TM) can be used to authenticate natural materials present in, but not limited to:

* Premium Wool
* Luxury Branded Products
* Fine Food
* Prestige Wine
* Biotherapeutics
* Nutraceuticals

Rapidna(TM) – a DNA Magneto-Optical marking system that, unlike conventional brand protection systems, delivers secure, machine-readable, forensic protection. Wireless devices read and transmit the label’s “Magneto-Optical fingerprint” data for instant authentication.

Cashield(TM) Security Ink: working with their partner, Printcolor, APDN developed

a new product line, Cashield, which is a family of cash degradation inks that permanently stain bank notes stolen from cash-handling or ATM systems.

DNANet(TM) – a breakthrough law enforcement technology and tactical forensic marking system that provides unique DNA authentication codes for covert operations. Developed in conjunction with police forces throughout the world, DNANet is being implemented in situations where absolute proof of authentication is required.

APDN Marketing Strategy:

Power of DNA Authentication

Strong authentication is the foundation of a successful business. Applied DNA Sciences works with businesses to develop and implement an authentication system that best suits their needs.

Alliances and Affiliations:

Through the alliances and affiliations Applied DNA has made, it’s possible for clients to learn more about their products and authentication solutions with ease.

* Center for Biotechnology
* Brand Protection Council
* Brand Protection Alliance
* Long Island High Technology Incubator
* New York Biotechnology Association
* Stony Brook University
* ACG Brand Protection Group

APDN Sales & Marketing:

Prestigio en Moda order

APDN completed their first order to Prestigio on Feb. 1st, for use in marking textiles to assist in the authentication of their products, to ensure police and military uniforms are authentic. The impersonation of law enforcement personnel is a wide spread issue for this main Mexican uniform supplier. DNA makes uniforms uncopyable and protects against these senseless counterfeiting acts.

Partner Highlights:

Addmaster – their advanced products are being used by many of the world’s industry leaders in the plastics, paper, paint, textile and coating industries. SigNature® DNA Shields Garments and Apparel From Counterfeiters

Iimak – by utilizing existing TTR printers, SigNature DNA in Thermal Transfer is an extremely attractive choice for thwarting counterfeiting and product diversion, with minimal investment by the end user.

Loomis – Loomis offers products and services that provide complete cash logistics solutions for financial institutions, retailers and other commercial enterprises. With the Applied DNA taggant as key evidence there have been 41 submissions in the last 15 months, 16 convictions obtained, and 122 years of convictions were applied.

Nilorn UK Partner – a global company, established in the 1970s, with expertise in adding value to brands through branding and design in the form of labels, packaging and accessories. SigNature® DNA Shields Garments and Apparel From Counterfeiters

Executive Highlight:

James A. Hayward, Ph.D., Sc.D.

President & CEO, Chairman of the Board

Dr. Hayward has over 20 years of experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, life science and consumer product industries. He was one of the founding principals and research director of Europe’s first liposome company, Biocompatibles Ltd. From 1984 to 1989, he was responsible for product development at Esteé Lauder Companies, where he served as director of research worldwide. Between 1990 and July 2004, Dr. Hayward was the Chairman, President and CEO of The Collaborative Group, Ltd., a provider of products and services to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and consumer-product industries based in Stony Brook, New York. Mr. Hayward also serves on the boards of the Stony Brook Foundation, the Research Foundation of the State of New York, Long Island Life Sciences Initiative and the Ward Melville Heritage Foundation.

APDN Financial Highlights:

On Feb. 24 Zacks Investment Research Analysts gave APDN an “Outperform” Rating, with a 6-12 Month Target Price of $0.20 cents.

On February 14, 2011, Applied DNA Sciences (APDN) reported record financial results for its first fiscal quarter of 2011 ended December 31, 2010.

Total revenue for the first quarter of 2011 reached $317,817, a 337% increase from $72,751 from the first quarter of 2010. Compared to the fourth quarter of 2010, total revenue increased 355%.

Revenue in the current quarter also exceeded their estimate of $170,000. Gross profit was $297,607, an increase of 94% compared to the same period of last year.

APDN Technical Indicators:

APDN closed at $0.06 cents on Friday with over 800,000 in volume. There was a slight dip in the stock price of 7%, which isn’t something to be overly concerned with.

APDN appears to be on the brink of an even bigger run, with the huge volume spike on Friday. Ytd Average Volume is only 459,563. Trading history of APDN reveals that with a volume spike that is usually followed by a price spike as well. If the stock can get through its 1st Resistance Point of $0.066 cents we’ll be in great shape.

APDN has made very impressive progress in terms of financial performance, business developments, marketing and product launch within a short period of time. With an ever-booming anti-counterfeiting business worldwide, along with its unique technology and broad range of product offering, the Company is well positioned to boost its top line and bottom line in the coming years.

As always, do your research tonight and lets keep a close eye on APDN tomorrow!