What Is the Best Stock Trading Software? Give You a Hint – Its Not Free!

What is the Best Stock Trading Software? Give You a Hint – Its not Free!


What Makes Stock Trading Software The Best?

First of all you have to look at what has made it bad in the past. Obviously many have attempted to create the perfect trading software through the years. At first it was the idea, and nothing more, that sold people. Just the idea of some magical software that could predict what the market was going to do, was enough to send traders into trading frenzy. Traders were lining up, (well you know what I mean), to download the newest trading software and start making a boat load of cash. Many had dreams of downloading the software, and watching it carry them off into the sunset, and carry them far, far, away from there present J-O-B. And not only was this new software greatly effecting traders of old, it was sucking in new traders by the 1,000’s. 

Here Is The Best Stock Trading Software- Tested With Real Money and Real Accounts!

But it didnt take long for the new traders to become ex-traders. And many of the original traders probably vowed to never fall for that ‘scam’ again. Why didnt the software work?


The creators of these software products did do testing. I mean, they did ton’s of testing, with 1,000’s of different accounts. But they didnt do the right kind of testing. They , for some reason, decided to test out the trading software with ‘play money’ accounts. Or they simply relied on backtesting methods that would , of course , make it look as though  the software was a winner. But as it soon became official, these types of testing just couldnt replicate the real trading atmosphere. And the real problem was obvious…..

You have to try the software with REAL money. For some reason these software creators didnt want to use there own, real money. (Thats not a good sign 😉

Thats What Makes This The Best Stock Trading Software

The stock trading software I am talking about  is the first product to be tested with REAL money. Others are trying to catch up, but this is the original. Just a real product created by some very intelligent guys, that knew there was only 1 way to test there product. So not only did they take all the best parts of previous trading software, and use it to create the best stock trading software ever, they also made sure it worked with real time accounts and market trends.

They Put There Many Where There Mouth IS!

They used all the money they could find to test this software. They tested with real money, on real accounts. And it was rough at first. You cant just create a product, and then expect it to start dumping money in a bank account. Especially trading software. So they tested it over and over again. And 1 day, the stock trading software started to make profitable trades. The more they tweaked it, the better it worked. And now, they are providing it for the general public. And the price is quite low. Lower than the old software , that didnt really work in the first place. With the 8 week money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Its not something that you see everyday, a stock trading software product that is completely real money , real account, tested.

If you want you can check it out by following the link. Its really the best software I could find. I usually show 2-5 different products when reviewing. But I just didnt feel comfortable showing other products that didnt even come close to comparing.

Joshua Mintz reviews several products for the purpose of providing accurate, helpful information for readers. If you have any firther questions , leave your comment. I’ll always answer any comments or questions.