Penny Stock Ideas for Beginners – The Stock Market is a melting pot of human emotion. Fear, Greed, Envy; You’ll find it all. For those of you just starting out in Penny Stocks, you have to understand that this market is not like the NASDAQ or the NYSE. This market works on manipulation and hype. You have to realize that good fundamentals can be hard to come by simply because they do not exist, or that technicals can be manipulated by Market Makers wishing to sell you a stock. Also know that many Stock Promoters are paid to pump a stock and drive momentum, thereby increasing the price per share, just in time for a company to pull a reverse split and dilute the float leaving you broke! This is why you must be careful and do your own due diligence when playing this game. When played correctly it can make you rich! Played poorly will send you packing. One of the more popular tactics for playing penny stocks is the momentum game. This is the game we play, this is how we control the playing field and keep the market makers from ripping us off!!! We get in and get during the run up.. ….If you are new to penny stocks you are better off investing in a team of experts who know how to pick, promote and drive the price of a stock up so you can get in and out with a profit before the stock tanks! It’s a dog eat dog world here in penny land. Be smart, get on this email list while you learn the ropes, that way you don’t go broke in the mean time….

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