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INVESTING IN PENNY STOCKS! How A College Dropout Discovered a Secret That Can Turn 00 into Million… For the first time, James Connelly is allowing the average investor access to his secret strategy for investing in Penny Stocks! James Connelly as a student As an undergraduate student, Connelly majored in Mathematics, with his primary focus to develop a strategy for discovering winning stocks. Connelly was convinced that winning stocks must have statistical similarities, and felt certain he could discover the events that cause them, in order to identify breakout stocks before they happen. Connelly was certain that at a bare minimum, he could develop a unique strategy that would give the average investor “an edge” in determining which stocks have the best probability for success. His goal was to determine a way he could identify variable entry and exit points, designed to give the average investor the highest possible return on their investment. Against his professor’s best wishes, Connelly began to use his understanding of computation, statistics, and random processes; to determine if winning stocks actually did follow an identifiable statistical pattern. By letting YOU trade alongside him, using his exclusive Penny Stock Trading strategy! Will You Be One of the Lucky People to Trade Penny Stocks alongside ‘The Penny Stock Prophet’? This Offer is Available For a Limited Time Only!

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