Penny Stock Popularity: the Buzz on Penny Stocks With Big Risk, Big Reward

In a post tech-bubble market, traders continue to find the next “get rich quick” method of trading. Many websites seem to promote on conjure up the idea the Penny Stocks can bring an overnight success and stream of riches. Unfortunately, this is not completely true. It takes hard work and some common sense to turn your pennies into dollars.

Penny Stocks are generally referred to as stocks which trade under $5.00 on the OTC Bulletin Board or Pink Sheet markets. These kinds of stocks attract many young active traders because of the large percentage increases that can be seen on these stocks daily. Some stocks around this price are known to double or even sometimes triple in a single day. Anyone who is around on the Penny Stock Market knows that 15% – 20% are possible daily if the stocks are played right. The question becomes; how do you trade Penny Stocks with Caution?

The Penny Stock Market moves at speeds that are light years ahead of the Big Boards. Every trade that is executed is matched up electronically like on the NASDAQ, however, the Bid and Ask orders are less sizable in Dollar Amount, so fewer trades can result in Big Movement. Some examples of these stocks can be found on where members post on a message board and converse in a chat room about the fastest, hottest Penny Stock Picks each day.


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