Penny Stocks – The Best Way to Profit From Pump & Dumps – Penny stock investing is nothing like trading on the NYSE or the NASDAQ. You can forget about fundamentals and technical analysis can be tricky. People make huge gains in penny stocks simply by playing the pump and dump game. This is what you must learn!!! You get in during the pump and you get out before the pump turns to a dump!! A penny stock requires three things to be successful and it has nothing to do with the business itself 1. A stock promoter 2. A press release 3. momentum A stock promoter, like microcap millionairs or penny stock prophet ( which is a great newsletter by the way and worth every penny!! Oh and he charges a measly one time fee of 97.00) will get paid by the company to hype the stock, this hype will further be reinforced by a press release touting something good about the company. This in turn creates the volume (momentum) to push the stock price up, sometimes hundreds of percent in a single day. You need to be apart of these penny stock newsletters so you can be informed before the pump starts. You also need a few more things to trade successfully and make a profit. 1. Never NEVER EVER place a market order on a penny stock!!! limit orders only!!! 2. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have a stop loss!!!!! Never ever purchase a penny stock without a stop loss!!! 3. Do not be greedy!!! This will kill you!! Penny stocks are designed to be bought and sold within the same day!! You’ll be holding a super tanking stock

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