Avoid Penny Stock Newsletter Scams

Who else wants a real penny stock newsletter they can trust?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my fair share of gimmicky websites offering free penny stocks lists here lately. Believe me, I know how tempting these can be to somebody who is just getting started with penny stock trading. The idea of quick cash and little effort is very difficult to pass up.

Do not get me wrong, penny stock investments are not impossible to figure out. They are not rocket science. Once you learn some of the fundamentals, making the right choices is not hard. The key is actually learning these fundamentals and staying away from all the gimmick penny stock offers online.

Free Penny Stock Newsletter, Explained…

The reason I seem so gunshy of free penny stock newsletters is because I have seen many new investors fail by using them as a guide. You have to understand that unscrupulous websites which offer free stock picks are almost always biased in some way or another based on the incentives that they are given to promote certain penny stocks.

Some growing companies (penny stock companies) will actually pay these websites to “promote” them to you by recommending their stocks. These websites “promote” these company’s stocks by telling YOU that you should invest in them. I am sure you can see the issues that can arise out of this.

There is actually a type of penny stock newsletter which will actually give you unbiased, professional information on the right penny stocks to invest in. The hook is that you need to actually pay a small subscription fee.

I certainly do recommend your subscribing to this type of newsletter if you are completely new to penny stocks. This will show you what to look for in up and coming companies while making some reasonable profits at the same time.

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