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What exactly are penny stocks and why and how have they become profitable ventures for many people? These questions are very important for your success in penny stocks trading. You see, the term “”penny stocks”” is susceptible to a variety of definitions, and choosing the best penny stocks definition to adopt can prove crucial to the amount of profits you could rake in this industry.

Choosing the best penny stocks definition can boil down to three options.

1. Some consider price per share as the best penny stocks definition. This means that there is a price cap per amount of penny stock trader. For example, the SEC determines that all the stocks of a certain industry shall be traded for less than per piece; some people would consider this as penny stocks.

2. Some consider the market where trading transpires as the best penny stocks definition. There are stated members of this market, and if a stock falls under any of them, they’d be considered as penny stock.

3. Some consider market capitalization as the best penny stocks definition. This means that the total worth of a company is viewed. If a company sells its shares for , for example, and it has 1 million shares in circulation, its market capitalization is pegged at 1 million dollars. Some would consider stocks from a company with a market capitalization below 1 million dollars as penny stocks. This ceiling is variable.

The matter of what is the Best penny stock definition is essential to your success in this industry. Consistency is the key. You should buy and sell based on a certain criteria. And since there is no universal criterion when it comes to penny stocks, you should come up with your own, and you should stick with it.

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