Are You Watching DIAAF

A stock alert received from one of my sources this morning: – You can get these every day by clicking the banner at the top of the page and registering for the daily alerts – there is a free and a paid service – chose whichever suits you.


Remember: We’re keeping an eye on DIAAF over the next few days after its record close on Friday!

In the meantime, we’ve got another pick ready to go!

Our new pick is an Oil and Gas company that’s gaining interest due to the announcements of numerous multi-million dollar deals currently pending!

One of the major projects the company is negotiating is a 15 well resource project in Oklahoma that the company predicts could result in over $130 million dollars!

In addition, they are in discussions to acquire a Salt Water Disposal Facility estimated to generate $300,000 PER-MONTH in revenue!

The stock has been a steady play that is gaining strength over the last week, and looks poised to break past $1 a share in the next few days!