Day Trading Robot – Win The Stock Market EASY with Penny Stocks FULL PRODUCT REVIEW AND COMPARISON Day Trading Robot has been on the market now since the tail end of 2008 and has been offering seasoned traders, hardened stock market top guns and newbies alike the option to take the word of it’s inventor that his stock picks are accurate, will make them money more often than not and give the possibility for untold wealth over the space of a few months. These of course are not my words, but they are the undeniably intriguing pitch of the robots creator, Jason Kelly. The basic principles of the “robot” are as follows; * Monitors thousands of stocks simultaneously scanning for specific pricing patterns * Runs a database with 23 defined pricing patterns for existing stocks on the market * When stocks form 1 of these 23 patterns, there is the extremely high chance of the value rising between 20-30% * The robot runs a few final calculations and checks on the stocks with the pattern match, then alerts the subscriber immediately via email. The simplicity of the system for the trader has to be a significant factor, they can theoretically get on with their day to day tasks and let the robot do all the hard work. Such automation however does come with some drawbacks, every automated system does by its very nature. The main downside is those that wish to use the robot can’t actually buy their own robot. It has been so far sold to only 7 people worldwide, and these have been representatives of major trading

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