Investing In Penny Stocks

Just like any other investment, penny stocks certainly have their ups and downs. We’re all aware that the world (certainly America) is in the midst of financial crisis; however this is the perfect time to use penny stocks to enhance your portfolio and possibly achieve wealth.

The good thing about penny stocks is you can make an informed investment without having to mortgage your house or clean out the nest egg. With prices below the $1 range; investors can test the waters with a variety of penny stocks, and still not drain their investment accounts, allowing the luxury of investment amounts we are comfortable with.

Here’s an important note which is true for penny stocks or in fact any type of investment. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

And just like any investment, we should take the time, be responsible and research the market. I’ve read some good advice that says “The trick is to know when to enter and when to get out” which of course is much the same as saying “buy low and sell high”.

The more knowledge you have about anything, especially penny stocks, the better your decisions will be. And I just want to add one very important thing; if you’re subscribed to a good penny stock newsletter, and you find you don’t understand something, ask for help. In almost all instances you’ll find the staff ready and willing to put you at ease and add to your education.

Having the power of information within our reach, being able to solicit advice from experienced traders can spell the difference between success and failure. Of course with the speed and power of the Internet, information is only a click away, so be sure to take the time for good and solid research, subscribe to a good penny stock newsletter, like then use that knowledge to make informed choices.

There are multiple sites and forums that can aid you as you gather enough information, browse through them and you’ll find plenty of nuggets. The difficulty in doing this is the sheer amount of information vs. the time we have daily to research, invest and deal with everyday living.

But if life gets in the way of monitoring your stocks, you can certainly seek professional help for fee or a small. From what I have read, the fees are minimal, usually about seven to twenty percent depending on your broker. They also provide advice and updates that will help your investment decision and timing. This is their area of expertise, so take advantage of it.

Since these advisors (in some cases) will be working off a commission structure, it will be in their best interest to provide good advice, since if you don’t profit, they won’t have much commission coming. This allows you the possibility of gaining valuable advice, without the stress and tedium of watching the market all day. In some cases, there have been penny stocks that have risen 100 to 1000%. This is the reason it’s good to diversify, not every pick will be a big winner, but the ones that make big strides can certainly make for a profitable ride.

The way I see it, in penny stocks, you lose small but there is the possibility of winning big. For me, a hundred percent profit is far, far greater than I’d every get with a CD or savings account, plus the risk is small.

Then after everything has been said and done, when you are more familiar with the market and have enough cash stacked up, you could go and join the high rollers. Could you lose money on a particular penny stock, yes you could, but you also have the potential for substantial gain. As long as we are being wise, and with a little luck on your side, penny stocks can be excellent investments. Where else can you find the opportunity to put in money and just sit down and watch it double up?

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