Momentum Trading Of Penny Stocks

Day trading of penny stocks is a high-risk venture with a very high potential for earnings and also a very high potential of loss. This risky activity is not recommended to be done habitually, and it is it not even encouraged.

But what do you do if, at a certain point in your stock market practice, you notice that there are particular penny stocks that seem to be appreciating rapidly? By rapidly, you notice that its price moves up quite quickly over the course of hours or even minutes. You also notice that relative high volumes of the stock are being traded.

You can assess the risk of investing in the penny stocks, carefully considering if the potential gain would outweigh the risk of loss of your investment. Your choice if you want to invest or not, but whatever decision you make, don’t dilly-dally make a decision, then stick to it. Changing your mind about that particular rapidly moving penny stock may make you much more susceptible to investment losses later on.

If you decide to invest in the rapidly moving penny stocks, then you are in a position to do momentum trading.

Momentum trading often gets started when penny stocks are mentioned in newsletters as a hot buy and investors rush in to buy that particular penny stock. The rush to buy the stock makes the price of the stock go up. Market makers raise the price of the stock because of the laws of supply and demand there is often not much of the penny stocks they have to begin with, and they are flooded with the demand of the stock.

Investors such as you, who have noticed that the penny stocks prices have been moving up, will be convinced that the prices will still go higher and put orders for the stocks minutes or even seconds apart from the last order of the stock.

Eventually the stock buying frenzy slows down, and successive selling drives the penny stocks prices down. In momentum trading situations, it is not uncommon to have a 10 cent stock move up to 50 cents in a couple of hours, and then go down to 15 cents after half a day. Sometimes, the price changes can be much higher and much more rapid.

Momentum trading seeks to gain profit from these quick price changes. This type of activity can be very profitable for the early buyers of the stock, if they make the right decisions and keep their greed in check.

To profit from momentum trading, you must place your buy order as soon as you make the decision to invest in the penny stocks that you have noticed. Or if you are the lucky enough to receive such a newsletter or tip recommending a buy of the particular stock, and you trust the newsletter or tipster, place the order as soon as your receive the tip.

Remember to keep your greed in check by placing a limit order when buying the penny stocks the stock prices changes so fast in momentum trading. Place that one order and wait for the price movements. Do not be tempted into chasing the price of the stock as it rises. If you do, and catch the penny stocks at the price decline stage, you would incur losses.

Momentum trading is profitable if you are disciplined and you keep your greed in check. You have identified the rapidly moving stock. You placed that one order. You did place only one order at that particular price and didn’t order more as the penny stock has moved up, haven’t you? Good. Now, you decide at what price you would like to sell your stock, and sell it when the penny stocks price has reached that point.

As soon as you receive the confirmation that you have bought the stock, place your next trade, and that should be a limit sell at the price that you have decided to unload your stock. Keep your greed in check. Many investors hold off selling their stock because they see the price going higher and higher. You need to be disciplined enough to buy a rapidly rising penny stock, and then sell it in as little as ten minutes later with a small but satisfying profit. By being disciplined enough to sticking to this method when momentum trading, these small gains that you make will add up over time.

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