Staying On Top Of The Top Penny Stocks

Before you put money into any investment, you like to know that the investment has a reasonable chance of appreciating in value. And the same applies to penny stocks; there are thousands and thousands of penny stocks, but before you buy any of them you would certainly benefit from knowing how to separate the top penny stocks in a sector from the rest.

The skills to do that can be learned with a great deal of homework and some trading experience. If you really could spot the top penny stocks before everyone else, you would be almost certain to achieve some serious profits. If you want to find the top penny stocks, there are some techniques which you may find useful.

Finding Top Penny Stocks

One of the best ways to find top penny stocks is to review their trading charts to see if there are any noticeable trading patterns. If a stock has a regular history of spiking in price shortly before the quarterly report, you can time your buying to coincide with the next anticipated spike, and sell before the earnings report is issued. Learning to read a stock’s charts is the easiest way to determine if it belongs in your top penny stocks list.

Look to companies with trustworthy experienced management in hot sectors for other top penny stocks. The penny stock market is unfortunately rife with sham companies run by dishonest stock promoters who do nothing except print and hype their stock. They can often manipulate their stock price, but because there is no real company behind their claims, the spike in price seldom lasts more than a single trading session.

You can find top penny stocks in industries for which the demand is ongoing. As long as your company offers a product or service with features not offered by any of its more established competitors, it has a chance of being discovered and if so, its stock price will skyrocket.

Recognize The Hype

Like all blue chip stocks, top penny stocks do not rely on hype, but have the value of a company with a positive record underlying their market performance. If a penny stock you own suddenly starts climbing on rumor or a “fluff” press release, play it safe and take your profits. Only stay with a rise in price if it is based in solid fundamentals, and even them you should lock in at least some of your profits. For more info see on Hot Penny Stocks.

If you do develop a system for finding tip penny stocks, don’t think that it is invincible. While it will greatly enhance your chances of trading success, the penny stock market is a gamble. Never risk more than you can afford to loses; remember that a even a small profit is better than a loss and don’t get greedy; and never confuse fluff for substance when you are assessing a penny stock company.

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