Penny Stocks: Some Cold Hard Advice on How to Make Some Cold Hard Cash

Pick Your Company Wisely

Penny stocks are usually marketed by newer companies, but “new” is a relative term. If the company you buy from is young, they will naturally be running their accounts at a loss for up to five years. More than that is excessive, though. And it is a smarter bet to buy from companies older than five years, simply to avoid problems frequently associated with starting up (one of these is total collapse and bankruptcy).

Avoid the “Pump and Dump”

It’s called pump and dump because dishonest characters glut themselves on penny stocks with shaky performance records, pump them into the market, and then suddenly dump them on unsuspecting victims. You may think you’re getting a great deal. What you’re getting is ripped off. If a deal seems too good to be true, investigate it; most reliable stock sources will have something for you to track. If they don’t, err on the side of caution and find something better.

Screen Your Stocks

A penny stock screener will save you lots of trouble. MSN, Yahoo, MarketWatch and MorningStar all offer some good versions. They allow you to use a series of search filters to dig through potential investments until you find a good match, based on a variety of factors such as performance, reliability, etc. This can ensure your peace of mind as you take your first steps into the world of penny stock investments.

Study carefully

Unless you have a lot of money you can throw them, one must be careful when investing. Be successful in the stock market takes a little more than blind chance. Here are three things you should look at what the review of the company to invest in.

The history and background of the company

It is always good to know what is the reason why this company is doing very well. Ask yourself whether or not it is because of good leadership, the overall quality of products or services it provides, or is it just a fad product, which will soon disappear? Ask yourself if he is fit to be a draft request for a company that offers, in other words, is there a reasonable expectation of growth in the near future?

Other things you want to understand the quality and integrity of the company. If you do not know, or if this company is definitely involved in things that you do not agree, stay away from it – there are many others to choose.

The performance in the stock market in recent months

It is also a must. You need to consider how their stock is made at least six months. See if you can spot a trend that goes in a direction towards the top. Be careful of companies whose shares exploded during the night – they can implode just as quickly, and there goes your money with it. Search in a more even, but generally increasing inventory value.

Do not put all the investment in a company.

Finally, be wise and spread your investments over a fairly broad base. Do different types of investments, too – not put them all in the stock market? When you begin to see problems in one, do not hesitate to take a decision and move your investment. Always learn more about how to invest. You want to learn as much as possible from May those who know more than you.

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