A Penny Stock Trading Formula That Turned $1,000 Into $1000,000 in 1 Month With Just 38 Penny Stock Trades!

A Penny Stock Trading Formula That Turned ,000 into 00,000 in 1 Month With Just 38 Penny Stock Trades!

This is exactly the same question that bugged the mind of a MIT student who was majoring in applied maths. He was interested in finding penny stocks before everyone else that were on the verge of making a major breakout. After trial and error he was ultimately able to find a secret mathematical formula that predicted penny stocks about to make an explosive move.

Many investors don’t take penny stocks seriously. You won’t find penny stocks being mentioned in most of the major financial media. The reason is simple penny stocks don’t get traded on the regular exchanges rather they get traded on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board OTCBB and on the Pink Sheets. But imagine, a .1 per share penny stock skyrocketing to per share in just a matter of a few days. This can be a 3,000% gain in just a matter of few days. If you can capitalize it with your ,000, it can easily turn into ,000 in just a few days.

James Connelly a.k.a The Stock Prophet was able to turn his ,000 into million in 1 month with just 38 penny stock trades using his secret mathematical formula. Read this article to discover the secret mathematical formula that he was able to discover that led him to turn his ,000 into million in just 1 month!

James Connelly was a brilliant student from the very start. He was interested in stock trading even as a teenager. So, his father taught him how to read stock charts and quarterly earning reports. His dad even subscribed the Wall Street Journal when he was just 16 years of age.

Developing an understanding of the stock market at such a young age gave James an edge. He was fascinated by the unlimited wealth potential that stock investing offers. The stock market to him was a puzzle. He wanted to solve the stock market puzzle.

As a freshman in the college, he opened his first online brokerage account. He started just like any other stock trader analyzing stock charts and trading patterns, using resistance calculators, analyzing financial reports and relearning fundamentals of stock trading.

But soon, stock investing became an obsession with him and he started skipping classes from the college. He was making more money as a stock trader than most of his professors. To James, spending time day trading was more exciting than listening to the boring lectures in the class.

He would pass his time analyzing trading patterns, volume, resistance and other identifiable patterns. He was convinced that he could unlock the secret mathematical formula that could give him the edge and tell him about a stock making an explosive move before anyone else did.

Eventually, James was able to identify four variables that are secret to identifying a breakthrough stock. To this day, James is not willing to disclose those four variable to the public. He was offered a lot of money to disclose his secret by many wealthy investors but he wants everyone to have the same opportunity as he does.

What he is willing to disclose is the role the Psychological Support Levels (PSL) play in his secret mathematical formula in identifying breakthrough penny stocks. While not disclosing his secret mathematical formula that identifies breakthrough penny stocks, James is willing to talk about the importance of PSL in identifying breakthrough penny stocks.

PSL is nothing new for traders and investors. It helps in explaining why a stock can be sold well below it’s actual value. Many investors and traders know this that PSL is a very important factor in identifying an under valued stock. But finding an undervalued stock is one matter and finding a breakthrough stock or for that matter penny stock is another matter.

PSL is still the key or what you can call the missing link when combined with the 4 variables that James discovered and never discloses gives you th secret mathematical formual that identifies breakthrough stocks. The proof that James formula works is his38 penny stock trades that turned his ,000 into million in just under 1 month! 

Mr. Ahmad Hassam has done Masters from Harvard University. He is interested in day trading stocks and currencies! Turn 0 into 0,000 in just 1 month with this FREE Penny Stock Trading Report by James Connelly and subscribe to his Penny Stock Newsletter. Watch this 30 minutes weird Stock Trading Video just now!

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