Best Stock Options Software – The Best Online Stock Trading Software Review

Best Stock Options Software – The Best Online Stock Trading Software Review

Best Stock Options Software

There are seemingly hundreds of different stock programs on the market all pledging to turn you into a millionaire it seems overnight simply by investing in the stock picks which they send your way. This is a review of the best online stock trading software. Best Stock Options Software

Best Penny Alerts is like other stock lists/programs which you can sign up for and receive stock picks through but with one substantial difference, it only targets penny stocks. This makes it interesting and the best online stock trading software for a number of reasons, but we’ll come back to that and for now let’s talk about how the program even works to generate and find a high probability stock picks which it sends your way which is the most popular question associated with this technology.

The program builds and maintains huge databases of market factors which lead or have led to break out trends in the past. It makes note of when a stock goes on huge upswing and adds that to its database which it constantly applies to real time market behavior around the clock. When the program finds market factors similar to those which led to a huge upswing in a stock of the past, the program recognizes this and notified you of the stock in question so that you can invest accordingly ahead of the curve.

This is the basis for how the online stock trading software finds the highest probability stock options for you to invest in unbeknownst to many critics of this technology who dismiss any upswing that might come from the stocks which the program promotes due to the strength of the investing list as a collective whole.

Let’s get back to one of the main reasons this is the best online stock trading software, or how it exclusively targets penny stocks. Best Stock Options Software

Penny stocks behave with far greater volatility as a whole than greater priced stocks because it obviously takes much less investing to send them soaring in value one way or the other. Unlike other programs which target penny stocks in addition to greater priced stocks, Best Penny Alerts largely ignores more established in price stocks altogether given that it’s a completely different analytical process and boasts a much higher winning rate as a result.

At the time of this article I’ve made money on every one of the 20 picks which it has generated for me. To discuss the greater volatility associated with cheaper stocks, I like to reference the first pick which it generated for me which was first valued at $.20 per share. I placed an order for 1000 shares of it when the market opened, thus costing 0 minus transaction fees, and got on with my own day of work.

I didn’t have a chance to check in on it until the market closed that night but had found that it had climbed very steadily that day to $.41 a share when the market closed. The next day I started checking in on that stock’s performance every half hour or so. Eventually it topped off at $.63 and at one point it climbed $.10 within an hour which can be attributed to the fact that outside traders not on the Best Penny Alerts list taking notice of that stock’s breakout performance in jumping on the bandwagon so to speak.

Obviously the most important thing about this online stock trading software is that the analytical and most time-consuming aspect of investing is removed from the equation along with emotions which are notorious for polluting trades, so if you have even the faintest amount of time to devote to acting on this best online stock trading software’s picks you can realize a steady profit without the experience or time required. Best Stock Options Software

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