The Foundation Of Successful Day Trading

No matter which direction the stock market seems to be going, there are always stories people learning to become successful day traders. Even during difficult down-turns in the market these people are making serious incomes from successful stock trading.

No matter which direction the stock market seems to be going, there are always stories people learning to become successful day traders. Even during difficult down-turns in the market these people are making serious incomes from successful stock trading.

So what is it that these day traders know about the markets that other traders do not? How do they make profitable trades regardless of how well the stock market is doing overall?

Here are some traits you might want to consider if you’re interested in growing a successful trading business.

Understanding Market Movements

Successful traders know how that the NASDAQ and other indices show only the direction of the market as a whole. At any given time, there are plenty of individual stocks which are moving in the opposite direction.

It doesn’t matter if the index is on a downward trend overall. There are stocks which are rising even as the index falls and vice versa.

What this means for traders is that someone who knows how successful day trading works can often determine which stocks are going against the tide. As a result, profitable trading is possible even when the market isn’t looking in the best shape.

Risk Tolerance

Knowing how high of a degree of risk you’re willing to assume is important to being able to make a successful trading career. If you take your day trading cues from someone who is far less risk averse than you, it’s all too easy to wind up making trades which result in you taking on a lot more risk than you would like.

Similarly, it is possible to trade at too low of a risk level if you’re taking advice from someone who is more risk averse than you are. Everyone giving you investment advice probably has only the best of intentions, but you should assess your own comfort level in order to make the best and most profitable trades on the stock market.

Continuing Education

Successful day trading means learning to do your due diligence and make decisions based on facts; when you trade based on tips which come from someone else, you won’t likely have a bright future in day trading. You have to be willing to learn about companies before making an investment and make sharpening your analytical skills an ongoing process. People who have made a successful stock trading career always keep themselves informed about the companies whose stocks they trade in and the latest developments in the market at large.

Don’t Be Greedy

Truly successful stock trading means not allowing greed to get in the way of your day trading strategy. If your chosen stocks have made their profit, sell up and realize the profits. You can always buy back into the market at a later point, but you can’t always guarantee a profit unless you lock it away with a sell-trade order.

Many newer day traders set themselves a strategy and plan to sell any stocks they’ve bought once it reaches a specific point. When the values reach the point they first considered being a good sell-point, greed gets in the way and they talk themselves into waiting until the stock goes just a little higher, just a little further for just a little longer.

Knowing When To Cut Your Losses

If you’re trading a stock and the price starts to decline, it’s best to cut your losses and get out before its value gets even lower. People who know successful day trading techniques will set stop-loss orders to make sure that they get out of a unprofitable trade before things really go downhill.

Inexperienced traders often fail to do this and seem to freeze up in the face of declining stock prices, hoping against hope that these stocks will increase again and their losses will become profits once again. However, if you want to have success in stock trading, it’s important to know when it’s time to cut your losses and move on to another trade.

Keep Emotions Out Of Your Trading

Making trades based on your emotions will not lead to successful trading. Always remember that this is business and you need to set logical trading strategies and stick with them. If you do not resolve to do this, it can be easy to let yourself be carried away and end up losing money on the market. Go with your head, not your gut and you’ll have a much better chance of making a successful day trading career for yourself.

Day Trading Program

The analysis software and trading platforms you use can also make the difference between successful day trading and failing to do well in the stock market. It’s entirely possible to do well without using anything but the trading platform supplied by your stockbroker, but you may want to look at automated trading software in order to make it easy to monitor many stocks simultaneously. Some of the more sophisticated trading software even allows you to use charts of stock movements to set buy and sell signals for the stocks you’re keeping an eye on or already trading.

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